If you haven’t read my previous blog post How College Football is Growing on Me, I would recommend checking that out before going further with this one so you know where I am coming from.  I talked about how College Football is starting to win me over, and these are my further steps to complete the winning me over process.

Expand the College Football Playoff

Simple Expansion

This is an easy concept for College Football adopt.  I simply would like to see the CFP to expand from four teams to eight.  It still seems like there may be some questions around who that fourth team really should be and this would solve the issue.  I do not think this would be that difficult of a change either seeing as we are now to the point where sub-.500 teams are making bowl games.  Take those bowl games that are played at the beginning of bowl season (usually around Dec. 19th/20th) and make that the first round of the CFP.  Then the CFP can keep the New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day final four games and their National Title game as they normally would be scheduled.

How hard would this be?  This is kind of a rhetorical question since I really have no idea how hard it would be.  The way I see it, it seems like quite an easy thing to do without putting too much stress on the players.  They do fine with a week off during the regular season so shortening their break from four weeks until the first round of playoff games to three really does not seem like it would be that hard on the players.  I guarantee you most people would love more high quality football games as well instead of some 5-7 team playing a 6-6 team.

More Unrealistic Expansions (but I would love to see it)

This expansion builds off of the simple eight team expansion.  It more so applies rules for certain spots in the eight team expansion.  I would love to see any undefeated team in the eight team CFP no matter their schedule.  I feel like going undefeated at least gives them a chance to have a shot at the title game.  Where I could see the arguments for the old National Title game without the CFP, why not give them a shot if it’s an eight team playoff.  If there are so many undefeated teams that you can knock some out based on schedule so be it, but I would love to see how these undefeated mid majors would stack up because who knows, maybe we might just see something crazy happen (like upsets such as Indiana over Michigan St. in my picture above).

Another potentially cool move would be to put the FCS title winner in the field.  Now I would only suggest this if the CFP expanded to sixteen teams, which may be too many, but if it does this could be pretty cool.  I have no idea when the FCS championship is even played so maybe this would not be possible to get them into a 16 team field, but I think the idea is cool.  Just look at what North Dakota St. has been able to accomplish in their last six games against FBS schools.  Just a way to possibly spice up the CFP if it goes to 16 teams, again unlikely, but would be interesting to say the least.


College Football has started to win me over (again check out my earlier post), but these are some ways that they could take it a step further.  Even the simple expansion may be enough, but if anyone else has similar feelings to what I do, then College Football would gain many new fans.  They may even get old ones back if they got bored with the cupcake city games and predictable title games.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts below.