Football, futbol, and more football.  August is great because it is the transition from perhaps the slowest time in sports with only MLB in season.  What does that mean for me?  Even more to write about for my blog.  It’s the month that brings back the NFL, granted it’s only preseason.  You have to have a preseason before the regular season though, so it means the regular season is right around the corner!  I can finally see if the Saints really did much to improve that defense.  In addition to the NFL coming back, my Indiana Hoosiers kick off their football season.  Hopefully we are able to build off of last season’s success to make another bowl and come away with the win, unfortunately they’ll have to do it without me yelling in the stands.  Also in August, the Barclay’s Premier League returns, which this season is primed to be a great one with all the offseason coaching and player transfers.  Finally, perhaps one of the greatest of all, the time to prepare for my fantasy football drafts!  Nothing better than being the one to find the sleeper, just ask the unfortunate individual that had to deal with me starting rookie Allen Hurns two years ago in week 1 when no one even knew who he was-4 rec, 110 yds, 2 TDs.  Thank you August, you are finally here!