I never really have been much of a college football fan.  Not that I dislike football, cause the NFL is quite possibly one of my favorite sports to watch, I just have not been into college football.  Sure maybe you could attribute some of that to the fact that I am from Indiana and we are a basketball state through and through, but I think it’s been more than that.  However, I have begun to notice a change in my feelings towards college football lately and personally love that this change is happening.

Why I Haven’t Been the Biggest College Football Fan

I can easily point to one of College Football’s biggest flaws as a turn off to me which was the bowl structure.  I hated what seemed like the most arbitrary selections for the two National Title game slots.  I never felt like you truly had the sense that the two best teams in the game were actually playing.  The uncertainty that maybe a better team missed a shot at the title game really seemed stupid to me if I’m being quite honest.

Another reason I can pinpoint as a major drawback to College Football for me is non conference games.  I never liked the fact that the powerhouse teams would schedule the most cupcake city games in the non conference.  Why would I ever waste my time watching someone like Alabama beat some school I’ve never heard of eighty something to zero or even sixty something to ten.  How is that even fun to watch, and how on earth does a game like that even draw enough national attention to benefit College Football?  Who watches something like that?  I’m sorry but when I am trying to decide between some cupcake city game and other things to occupy my time with (maybe even watching paint dry), sorry college football, I’m choosing the latter.

How College Football Is Slowly Catching My Attention Again

College Football Playoff

Simple as that.  They are trying to help eliminate the what ifs of possibly sending the wrong team to the National Title game.  Nothing eliminates those what ifs faster than having an actual playoff.  The first announcement of the CFP got me intrigued.  What got me even more interested was the fact that Ohio State, who came in as the four seed, won the first CFP when they would not have even made the old National Championship game.  That right there was proof enough that the CFP was a very much needing thing for College Football.

Marquee Matchups Early in the Year

Some of those cupcake city games I was talking about earlier have began to take a back seat to game that are actually great non conference matchups.  Alabama/USC, LSU/Wisconsin, Notre Dame/Texas, Ohio St./Oklahoma, Houston/Oklahoma, Notre Dame/Michigan St. to name a few and those are just the non conference games I remember off the top of my head.  There have been some stellar conference matchups already this season as well.  Before I felt like there were about two or three weeks out of the season where you would get all your big matchups.  They are now being spread out, and more conference games are being added.  This has definitely helped College Football start to win me over.

Moving Forward

I like that College Football has taken some strides to try to get me interested, however there is more that can be done to get me to completely buy in.  Be on the look out for an upcoming article on my proposed addition changes that would really win me over, because it will take a little more than what changes they have made, me simply moving to the College Football crazy South, and my fiance being a big time Notre Dame fan.  Although, I cannot argue against these things helping College Football’s case.