People will be quick to claim I just want my Yankees to get him, but that’s not the case, even though I would be thrilled if they did.  Kyle Schwarber, a fellow Hoosier, belongs in the American League.  Sorry Cubbies, it’s just a fact.  Until the MLB rules change to allow a DH in the National League, Kyle Schwarber belongs in the American League.

As a fellow Hoosier, all I want for Schwarber is what’s best for him.  That just so happens to be DH, which only exists in the AL.  The Cubs smartly had Schwarber move from catcher to the outfield to prolong his career.  Unfortunately that’s the best a National League team can do for Schwarber.  Playing the outfield could ultimately lead to more harm than good from what we have witnessed so far.  Schwarber is involved in too many outfield collisions that could ultimately jeopardize not only his own career, but those outfielders he’s colliding with as well.

For a team like the Cubs to hold onto Schwarber for an outfielder position baffles me.  I was shocked they were not willing to let him go in the potential acquisition of Yankees pitcher Andrew Miller.  They really could have hit big potentially landing both Miller and Chapman.  Even though I definitely would have liked to see the Yankees land Schwarber, I would still like to see him land in the American League to maximize the length of his career.  In the meantime maybe the Cubs can get him a ring in a year that he missed due to injury.