Yes the Yankees finally dealt Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs, but if the Yankees want to have any prayer at competing for the World Series they need to keep dealing.  Let me pause and say I don’t think the Yankees will have a shot at the World Series or even making the playoffs this year regardless of whether they trade or not before the deadline.  However, if they want to have a prayer going forward into future seasons, they need to keep dealing.

I could care less about this Yankees way of thinking that they are competing for the pennant every year.  Every week this season has been a new up or down in the roller coaster of mediocrity this year.  The execs need to swallow their pride and look forward to the future.  Deal the big name guys like A-Rod, Carlos Beltran, and/or Mark Teixeira while you can maybe get something in return instead of sitting on them until they become dead weight on the payroll.  Surely some team that actually has a chance this year could benefit enough to give some great young prospects.  I would even still be open to dealing Andrew Miller if it means acquiring more depth because at this point what does a great relief pitcher matter when you can’t get the lead enough anyways due to lack of offense.