While everyone is waiting for Kevin Durant’s decision, I am surprised no one has made the comparison to LeBron yet.  In all honesty, when I fully assess the situation and the teams, I would have to say Kevin Durant jumping ship now would be far worse than LeBron’s decision to “take his talents to South Beach” and here’s why.

If you look at the situation in Cleveland when LeBron left he really had no one there to help him out much.  Was everyone counting on the aged Shaq, or the pre-Pop Danny Green, or even Antwan Jamison?  Outside of these big name players that were not all that much in Cleveland LeBron had Daniel Gibson, Mo Williams, Big Z, and many other players that if I continued naming you would be wondering who these players were.  Who could blame LeBron for bailing to team up with Wade and Bosh?  Sure I will never like the way LeBron announced the departure, but looking back I can’t blame him.

Now let’s assess the OKC situation.  Russell Westbrook, one win away from beating Golden State this year.  I could pretty much stop there and claim that’s enough reason to stay, but I’ll keep going.  Not only do you have up and coming Enes Kanter and Steven Adams, but OKC just acquired defensive guru and very athletic Victor Oladipo, not to mention another top prospect big man in Sabonis.  Why would Durant leave, and better yet how can people think it’s not that big of a deal if he leaves when it was the biggest deal ever when LeBron left.  KD would be leaving a star studded team whereas LeBron left a place where he was the team.  Who is more wrong?  KD in my opinion.