To me I saw one clear winner from NBA draft night, and it happened well before the draft was over.  The OKC Thunder stole the show last night on a night they did not even have a draft pick!  Assuming Kevin Durant remains in OKC, unfortunately (because it doesn’t bode well for my Spurs) I am comfortable enough to pick them as my way too early NBA Champions favorite.  We saw how close they got this year to making the finals and the addition of Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis will all but give them the extra weapons they need to make that NBA Finals push.  Again, this is with the assumption of a Kevin Durant return.

I was wondering what the Thunder offseason was going to hold considering I saw such a breakout from Steven Adams against my Spurs, much like I saw with James Harden back in 2012.  Because of that I was wondering if the Thunder were going to ship him off.  Contrary to that, they did even better by shipping off an aging Serge Ibaka and brought in young talent that will be a big boost assuming Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both stick around.  With Adams and Kanter already down low, the need for Ibaka was minimal and bringing in some other young big guys will be more beneficial in the long run even if the Thunder lose out on keeping Durant and/or Westbrook around.   Props to the Thunder for this one.  I did not see that coming and once the news of that dropped I lost all interest in what the rest of the draft held because no pick was going to be as big as that trade.