Leading up to the draft I was hoping the Spurs were seeing the need for a young guard as I was.  While my wish was to somehow land Victor Oladipo, which unfortunately the Thunder did, the Spurs still made it out great getting what some people have deemed lottery talent in their only pick at #29 getting PG Dejounte Murray from Washington.  Post draft the Spurs are expecting to land Ryan Arcidiacono from the NCAA Champions Villanova Wildcats.  Again, I was hoping for the signing of fellow Hoosier Yogi Ferrell, but cannot argue with the Spurs going with the NCAA Tournament MOP.  Not to mention Villanova seemed like the type of team I could associate with being a Spurs-type organization in college basketball.  While the addition of these point guards means the Spurs may be backing off of Mike Conley, it could also mean allowing for Manu Ginobli to return to the Spurs (he’s either retiring or signing for less money if there is a spot for him on the roster) and/or adding another new younger piece in the SG slot.  Even with some stars close to riding off into the sunset, the Spurs are making great moves to prevent a fallout and remain a threat for years to come.