Yes, I know this is the United States so soccer takes a back seat, especially when the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals are still going on.  However, the U.S. is the host of Copa America Centenario and the USMNT are most likely going to advance to the quarterfinals stage for the first time since finishing fourth back in 1995 in their first Copa America trip since 2007.  Where is the coverage?  How can we ever expect to increase the popularity of soccer in the U.S. if a major tournament hosted in the U.S. does not get much coverage, even when the USMNT is doing successful.  I’m not saying it should completely take over the coverage from the NBA Finals or even the better finals series in the Stanley Cup, but at least give it some love.

The USMNT is a draw away from advancing, assuming Costa Rica does not put a 6 goal beat down on #3 ranked Colombia and advance on whatever the next tie breaker is.  Let’s take some time to appreciate them and show some excitement.  Otherwise how can we ever expect our national team to ever be successful if they don’t ever feel like they are playing for anything.  I have never experienced any sort of team/national pride at a sporting in the U.S. that can even come close to comparing to the experience you would get at a soccer game in any other country.  It’s no wonder our USMNT gets beat.  I can’t imagine how they stand a chance against these other countries that literally have the entire country behind them, whereas the U.S. can’t even give the USMNT five minutes of coverage on the major sports shows.  The USMNT has been doing their job in being successful for a U.S. soccer team, now the country needs to do their part in showing their support to help give that extra push.  What better time to do that than now when we have the Copa America Centenario in our own backyard.