I know I said I was done with posts about the NBA Finals, but I can’t resist with Game 4 in Cleveland looming.  I want to be excited about the prospect of Cleveland making it a series, but coming off of a 30 point win makes me nervous.  Most people are all excited thinking Cleveland has showed up are are going to make this a series now.  However, I see the 30 point win as very dangerous.  I am a Spurs fan and I remember very clearly when the Spurs beat the Thunder in Game 1 in the Western Conference Semifinals.  Everyone (but Spurs fans) was saying the series was over, and then the Thunder bounced back to win Game 2.  Additionally the Thunder responded to the Game 2 beatdown at the hands of the Warriors by posting back to back blowouts themselves in Games 3 and 4 to go up 3-1, only to lose the series.  In a postseason that has seen 20 25+ point blowout victories, it’s hard to read too much into a 30 point win and whether it has indeed changed the complexion of this series.

I wish to think Cleveland has figured things out, but unfortunately I think the more likely scenario is that Cleveland’s Game 3 win was just a testament to the Warriors overconfidence and Cleveland’s desperate need to salvage some sort of pride in this NBA Finals.  I expect the Warriors to bounce back in Game 4, especially if Cleveland decides to throw Love back into the starting lineup (Bringing him in off the bench or not at all is their only hope).  If in fact I am wrong, which by all means I hope that I am, and Cleveland does pull off Game 4 then we may just have ourselves a series.  If it makes it to 2-2, I think the Game 5 winner will be the finals winner.  Game 4 is a must win for Cleveland to make it a series and if Curry continues to be a non factor, Cleveland can steal this series with a Game 5 win because no way LeBron will let a title clinching game in Cleveland slip through his fingers.  This may be a load of wishful thinking, as I have mentioned I believe the Warriors are going to respond tonight with a win and closeout the series in Game 5, but one can only hope right?