My fear came true last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers are as bad as I thought.  All year I was saying any team that survived the Western Conference would beat them easily.  Because it was Golden State who came out of the West, I was hoping, praying, and begging that I was wrong about the Cavs.  I was hoping the Spurs would have a shot at knocking off the Warriors, that didn’t happen.  I was so excited when OKC was up 3-1 because I was 99% certain they had the series wrapped up.  Unfortunately that was false hope too.  Then I looked to Cleveland to be as good as people hyped them up to be after their 12-2 start to the postseason.  They were not, as I expected.

Now it has only been one game, but a compelling stat from last night’s game was that Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined, yes COMBINED, for only 20 points and the Cavs still lost.  Now I can’t give you any sort of numbers because I don’t work for ESPN or somewhere like that who have researchers that can look it up in about 30 seconds or less, but I would like to see how many times Thompson and Curry combined for 20 points or less and the Warriors record when that happens.  I can’t imagine that’s happened many times at all, but I would hope that if you are a team able to do that you pulled away with the win. (UPDATE: About an hour after posting this article ESPN had a stat saying the 20 combined points is the lowest for Curry and Thompson in the last two seasons)  I think Cleveland is in major trouble after this game.

You may be wondering why I hate that the Warriors are going to win again so much?  I asked myself the same question last night.  I really have nothing against anyone on that team except for cry baby Draymond Green.  Yes I can acknowledge that Draymond is a great player, but he really sets himself back by whining, complaining, and resorting to dirty play (not to mention any specifics, just ask Steven Adams) all the time when he can be great and not do those childish things.  It did not make sense that my distaste for Draymond alone could make me wish the Warriors would lose so bad.  What it ultimately boils down to is predictability.

Predictability is why the Thunder/Spurs and the Thunder/Warriors series were by far the best two series of this entire postseason.  They were very unpredictable.  That’s what made them fun.  For the Spurs/Thunder you never knew who was going to win (or what blown call was going to cost someone the game) until the final buzzer sounded with the exception of Games 1 and 6 but they were still fun to watch.  Unpredictability was there for the Western Conference Finals too.  Even when it looked like it became predictable with the Thunder up 3-1, the Warriors came back and won.

The NBA Finals do not seem like they will have any sort of unpredictability at all, in fact this is the same NBA finals collision course that was predicted much, if not all, of the season.  I was shocked at how bored I was watching Game 1, and it is simply the fact that this is what was supposed to happen all year.  It makes it seem like the NBA season was a waste and this series should have just been played in November and we move on with it.  By all means I hope I am wrong and Cleveland can somehow find a way to win 4 games against this team, but I find that highly unlikely considering they got beat by the bench last night.  I am just glad that I am occupied with other things during Games 2, 4, and 5 so I don’t waste any more time on this very predictable NBA Finals.  If something drastic were to happen I can catch the end of the series, but I doubt the series will make it to Game 6 or 7 at this point.