Those who are unaware of two plays I am going to be referencing you can watch them here:

Consistency, it’s that simple.  I think it’s pretty clear how intentional Draymond Green’s kick of Steven Adams was and judging by the force put behind it, I would bet that Green’s kick packed way more of a punch than Dante Jones’s actual punch.  I was unaware that a groin shot was a suspension until I heard Jones was suspended (I did not see this play live and honestly did not even know who Dante Jones was).  Knowing about that suspension and then watching Green obviously kick Steven Adams on purpose I thought for sure it had to be a suspension.  I forgot this was the NBA we were dealing with here.  I haven’t known anything to be more inconsistent then the NBA this postseason.  I have no problem with no Draymond suspension if Jones had not been suspend, but since Jones was suspend this warranted a Green suspension.  Not to mention this was the second incident with Green and Adams this series, although I don’t see as much intent in the Game 2 incident.  Why does he get off?  Money.  Jones is a bench player with minimal role in that series whereas Green is a large part of the Warriors success.  The NBA would hate for their TV ratings to go down for a game without Green.  Suck it up, you set the precedent with the Jones suspension, you have to follow through with the Green suspension.  This is becoming infuriating with how players are treated differently based on their skill level.