Yes I should be mad the Thunder just knocked off my Spurs, but man I enjoyed watching them play this series.  I am excited to see how they stack up against the Warriors.  For the sake of Durant and Westbrook, I hope the Thunder can pull it off and go on to win the NBA Finals.  It is so hard to see such a great Spurs team get put out early, but it may be just as hard to see such a great superstar duo (yes Cuban, duo) play so well only to fall short of a title, again.

Sidenote:  In the day and age of “Big Threes,” Steven Adams has to be the third for the Thunder.  He made me think of Harden and how he was a big part of the Thunder beating the Spurs in 2012.  For the best interest of the Thunder, they should not trade him away like they did Harden.  He is a valuable asset and was highly underrated as a difference maker in this series.  He killed the Spurs on the offensive boards and the number of times he just slammed it down their throats to pump up the OKC crowd was incredible.  Please keep it up in the next round and give Draymond Green something to whine about.