How many missed calls can you count on that final play?  Five second call on Waiters?  Foul (possibly flagrant) on Waiters for the lean in elbow on Ginobli?  Serge Ibaka holding both LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard under the basket?  Does Ibaka’s count as one or two missed calls?  I would count 3-4 missed calls by the refs based on those, but I see two calls that had nothing to do with the refs are more to blame for that loss.

First off, why on earth did we put the fate of this game in the hands of Patty Mills.  On any other day I would have been fine with that but not on a night when he was 2-8, 1-5 from 3 before that last shot.  He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn tonight?  Why not go up with the ball in the lane.  Maybe, just maybe, those refs blow the whistle down there, or better yet LaMarcus Aldridge finds a way for the ball to go in like the 15 other times, 25 if you count his 10 FTs, this game.

The other missed call.. the timeout?!  I was shocked that Pop let the busted play continue with a timeout in his pocket!  You just drew up quite possibly the greatest play ever if we were to go on and win with the play for LaMarcus Aldridge to get fouled on the three and you did not have the confidence to draw up a play for one more basket?  I like the idea of originally letting it play out, but once Aldridge and Leonard were literally being pulled out of the play (and I mean pulled, check out Ibaka on the play) you gotta call the TO.

So yeah, a bunch of missed calls at the end by the refs, but in the end there are no excuses for that loss.  We had the game wrapped up after the steal and we just could not get it done.  Put the L behind us and go in to OKC and show them who’s boss.