As a current Indiana University student, and soon to be alum, I am very excited to see what’s in store for some fellow Hoosiers in this year’s draft.  I had the pleasure to watch these players this past year in what has most likely been the most exciting Hoosier football season, definitely in the last decade (I can’t speak for pre-2007 because I never paid attention to IU football until then).

Jordan Howard, although injured most of the second half of last season, was a very impressive running back.  He provided the lift we needed out of the backfield after losing Tevin Coleman the previous year.  I think he has to the potential to be a great running back and I would definitely want my Saints to take a shot with him.

In addition to Howard, we also had a great senior quarterback in Nate Sudfeld.  He led the Big Ten in most major quarterback categories (source:  Big Ten Football Statistics).  I remember seeing Sudfeld come in as a freshman (also my freshman year) after our first two quarterbacks went down.  I could tell he had great potential then.  What is surprising is that he is not getting talked about much and I attribute it to IU being known for basketball, not football.  However, we did have one of the more potent offenses this season, especially when Sudfeld and Howard were both playing.  Again, I am very biased with my teams, but I would like to see New Orleans take Sudfeld late in the draft to develop him behind Brees.  I think he could develop into a great quarterback learning from Brees.

Jason Spriggs (OT) is another Hoosier in this draft and is projected to go in the first or second rounds depending on which mock drafts you are looking at.  He was part of that killer offense line that IU had, which has been a big reason IU has produced some high quality running backs this season and allowed Sudfeld more time to work with in the backfield as well.  Spriggs has the potential to make immediate impact wherever he goes.  I doubt my Saints would get a shot at him and would hope that is the case because we should be going for defense early on.