While I am interested to see how my Saints do in this year’s NFL draft, particularly in regards to vamping up that defense, there is a bigger reason I am glad the draft is here.  It will be over soon.  I am tired of all the speculation about where Carson Wentz and Jarod Goff are going to go.  Not to take away from these quarterbacks, but they are getting way too much air time for how much people are doubting how good these quarterbacks will end up being.

There are hundreds of other players in this draft and yet outside of those two I can maybe name ten, and three of them are IU players Nate Sudfeld (QB), Jordan Howard (RB) and Jason Spriggs (OL).  Some of the others include OSU’s Ezekiel Elliot and Cardale Jones, Michigan St.’s Connor Cook, and Penn St.’s Christian Hackenberg.  Notice the theme here, they are the Big Ten players I have watched IU play against.  I’m not saying I uninterested in where Goff and Wentz wind up, but I also can’t wait to finally see where hundreds of other players land and the potential impact they will have on the NFL this coming season.