As a bonafide Spurs fan, I am not allowed to discuss this yet.  San Antonio needs to focus on preparing for OKC or Dallas, but I’ll discuss it anyways.  Most fans are happy when an opposing team loses a great player to injury, not that they are excited to see someone get hurt (if you are you should not be a sports fan), but because it makes it easier for their favorite team to win.  In the case of Steph Curry, I am a Spurs fan that would hate the idea of Curry missing an extended amount of time.  Call me crazy but here’s why.

The possibility of Curry missing time reminds me of the 2014 NBA Finals when LeBron cramped up in Game 1.  Everyone started to throw out the excuse that had he not went out, Miami would have won that game.  If you watched the game, you know the Spurs were taking over before LeBron went out and then even when LeBron came back the Spurs completely dominated the Heat in Games 3, 4, and 5 to close out that series.  Had LeBron missed the rest of the Finals that year people would have been in denial that the Spurs were actually the better team.

If the Western Conference plays out like it is supposed to in the playoffs, we will see Golden State and San Antonio in the Western Conference Finals.  If Curry is unable to comeback and the Spurs go on to win the West and then the NBA title, all the talk will be about how they only won because Curry was injured.  For most teams and/or fans they would be happy for the lucky break.  I am not like most fans.

I have been a Spurs fan my entire life and I think this is the best Spurs team I have ever seen (my life fandom spans from 2001 onward since that is as far back as I can remember at age 8).  Because of that, I want to see what I think is the best Spurs team face off against a Golden State team that could possibly be called the greatest of all-time.  Win or lose, I would rather see the Spurs face a Curry-healthy Warriors team to see how they stack up.  Not to mention Curry being less than 100% or out would take away from possibly the best non-championship matchup ever.

(Check out why I disagree with Curry playing in Game 4 for here: