While this NBA season has been very, very predictable (the playoffs are proving that more as each day of this terrible first round), I can honestly say this has been a pretty exciting NBA season.  The final day of the regular season saw Golden State setting the regular season wins record (73) surpassing the 1995-96 Bulls mark of 72 as well as Kobe Bryant going out with an incredible 60 point performance that no one saw coming.

Outside of that final day what made this season so exciting?  The Golden State Warriors for one.  Love ’em or hate ’em they were an exciting team to watch, or in my case exciting to watch them lose.  They made it pretty clear from the onset they were striving for that regular season record, so I found myself wanting to watch them play against even some of the lower quality teams rooting against them.  Yes I was disappointed way more often than not, but on the bright side I ended up seeing great basketball because of it.

My Spurs were another reason this NBA season was so exciting.  If you are familiar with the Spurs at all you know they are all about flying under the radar.  Enter Golden State.  The Warriors provided the perfect opportunity for the Spurs to quietly post a franchise record 67 wins going 67-15 and start 39-0 at home finishing 40-1, tied best all-time with the 1985-86 Celtics (who went on to win the title).  If it were not for Golden State the Spurs may have become the focus of Sportscenter all season long.  Heck no!  We don’t want any of that nonsense.  Who knows, maybe we paid off some teams to lose to Golden State or maybe that’s why we decided to let Golden State have their way with us in our last two meetings.  Regardless, this Spurs team has been the best Spurs team I have ever watched and have me stoked for what is to come in these playoffs, well after the first round at least.  (Pop would kill me for saying this but we have the Grizzlies wrapped up.)

The rather unpredictability of the East outside of Cleveland being the one seed is another reason this season has been exciting.  It was fun seeing the playoff battle play out with four teams ending with the same record falling from the 3 seed to the 6 seed.  Unfortunately we have not seen these teams play many competitive games yet this postseason as I would have thought, but it did make for an exciting season and maybe they will become more competitive when these series switch sites.

While these points are made to validate an exciting NBA season, I can say that I am happy that this season has finally come to a close.  I am looking forward to see how the playoffs shape up so I can finally get some answers to some questions.  Can anyone in the East pull it off against Cleveland?  Can the Spurs fulfill my season long wish of knocking off the Warriors after they set the record?  And finally can the NBA just deem the Western Conference Finals the NBA Finals this year since the only reason the Eastern Conference Champion may stand a chance will be because the Spurs and Warriors will wear each other out playing at their extremely high level of basketball for 6 or 7 games.

Whether you agree or disagree, see my previous blog “Why the NBA Season Has Been Boring Thus Far.”  Let me know what your thoughts are.