In a year where we saw the Golden State Warriors break the 1995-96 Bulls 72-10 regular season wins record by posting a 73-9 record, the season overall has been very boring.  Why?  Predictability.  It’s been pretty clear since Christmas, if not before then, how the season was going to play out.  The Warriors were going to set the record, get the top seed in the West, followed by the Spurs at the two seed and the Cavs taking the east.  Even now in the playoffs most people are sitting around killing time until we see potentially one of the greatest series of all time (Spurs/Warriors) that doesn’t produce a championship ring.  The winner will all but dominate the Cavs.

Somehow this predictability needs to be uprooted in order to make the NBA more exciting.  I don’t have the answers on how to do that besides other teams simply becoming better or at least give the bad teams incentive to not just play for top draft picks by tanking (not to mention any teams by name but their city rhymes with Arkadelphia).  Let’s see some sort of tournament for that top draft pick, or give it to a bottom ten team with the best winning percentage against playoff teams.  Surely that would help put an end to tanking and make the season more enjoyable instead of playing so many meaningless games.


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