For those that know me, you know I am very passionate about sports so simply put this blog will more often than not be about sports.  I always have strong opinions/predictions about sports and generally find out later that major sports broadcasters on ESPN and/or the ESPN XM satellite radio stations are focusing on these particular topics.  So in a sense I guess this would be the equivalent of being a sports column (or opinion column) only I am not being paid for it, it will simply date my ideas, predictions, etc. so that I can see how my ideas compare and if I acknowledged them first.  I am just doing this on the side as a hobby, but who knows, maybe somewhere down the line this could get me into sports writing or working for a sports team which would not be disappointing.

As a disclaimer, there may be some biased opinions based on my favorite teams.  The main ones include San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Saints, Indiana Hoosiers, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Yankees, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona.  I will try my best to put my biases aside when writing most of my blogs, but sometimes I just can’t help it.  For example, I will probably say the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl every year because that’s what a fan does.  Sidebar, the Spurs will beat the Warriors in the West, more on that later though.

Lastly, this will probably be 95% sports; however, I occasionally have opinions outside the world of sports that I feel should be shared so non sports people can be on the lookout for a sports writing break every once in a while.